The South African Fly Fishing Association functions as the co-ordinating sporting body for various Member Associations representing both recreational and competitive fly anglers.  SAFFA is interested in the promotion of fly fishing for all and the development of anglers be it at National, Provincial and learner level.

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SAFFA encourages fly anglers of all races and genders, including Youth, to become part of the organised sport structure by offering participation in various tournaments and development workshops, and through our affiliation to International bodies such as fips-Mouche.

SAFFA therefore offers a platform through which we can reach out and share skills, make new memories and change peoples’ lives forever.


SAFFA  oversees the hosting of the annual National Championships for Senior, Women & Youth anglers, as well as the National Selection process for team representatives to World & Commonwealth Championships.

South Africa is a water scarce country and our fly anglers appreciate the privilege of this precious resource. We have brown and rainbow trout in our systems as well as the sought-after indigenous yellows and tiger fish. 

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