Development Projects

Over the years, various Provinces have initiated development projects that offer fly fishing & ,in some instances, fly tying to the Youth and those less advantaged in their communities.  Feel free to read about these below.


Development Project: Goudini High School

Boland Fly Fishing and Boland Artlure merged in 2015 to do a Capacity Building Day with the children from Goudini High School. The first was done at Botha Kelders and due to the huge success both Federations decided to make this a yearly occurrence on our calendars.

The aim is to introduce children to the two facets of angling. It must be emphasized that history was made with this merger, as this was a first that two angling facets got together in the district to nurture children into angling. Due to DCAS funding both federations are now fortunate to be proud owners of “Development” rods and reels which they are able to utilize for training and use by our children.

After two clinics the school is very eager to start their own angling club and move into the competition sectors of angling as a school sport.

These children have been taken part in the past 3 National Championships in the Western Cape and have had firsthand experience now with competition angling.

Both Fly Fishing and Artlure are ecstatic to have them “On Board”.

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Thendela Fly Fishing Project

In mid 2011, The Kwazulu Natal Fly Fishing Association took the Thendela community under its wing and initiated the fly fishing project with Youth of the area. The aim of the project was to teach fly fishing as a recreational pastime and to assist with creating a community managed river fishery on the Mooi River within their own tribal trust lands.

“Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime”
In this case this project is not actually feeding the community with fish but feeding them with a sustainable project that will give these people opportunities economically, socially and environmentally.

Visit their website and find them on facebook.


Social Disability Fly Fishing Competition

WPFFA has so far held “The Social Disability Fly Fishing Competition” on the 10th September, which has been a great success. The aim for this competition is to start building up the number of Physically Disabled anglers interested in the sport of fly fishing so that we can have a Fly Fishing National Championships for the physically disabled, which e has never happened in South Africa. Other countries are leagues ahead of us, and we believe that we can improve to their standard. It was proven at the Social Competition that there is an interest in the sport by the turnout we had. However there is a need for more accessible waters for Fly Fishing - one venue is not good enough. This was a tremendous experience for all involved, especially the full-bodied anglers who described it as “eye opening to see the difficulty that disabled anglers have to overcome to do this and they still enjoy the sport”.